SAFEGE's first Diversity Action Plan was launched in 2010. The plan, which was renewed in 2013, is a list of targets and concrete measures to be assessed and adjusted every year.

The plan covers 5 key areas:

Employment and integration of young people in working life:

  • As a company that continues to grow, we create dozens of new jobs every year, 30%of which go to graduates.
  • SAFEGE helps young people into work through a pro-active block release programme and high-quality final-year internships (for engineering and Master 2 students and students taking a vocational degree or a two-year university degree course, among others).

Gender parity and equality of opportunity:

  • In 2013, 47% of all hires were women, and the company has a career development policy specifically for its female employees to ensure equal opportunities for men and women.
  • By the end of 2013, 41% of the workforce were women, as were 33% of the company's engineering and managerial staff.

Employment of people with disabilities:

  • The company has launched awareness raising campaigns to change the way people see disability.
  • As part of a multi-year process, SAFEGE's policy has two main thrusts: recruitment and retention.

Harnessing the experience of our seniors:

  • At SAFEGE - a business all about expertise - our organisational structure encourages staff to amass knowledge all the way through their working life. The experience of our older employees is mined extensively through technical support and mentoring systems, fostering the transfer of know how to our more junior staff.

Civic engagement and quality of working life:

  • SAFEGE actively encourages its employees to participate in volunteer work, not least within Aquassistance, the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Group organisation which brings aid to people in difficulty in the areas of water, waste and the environment.
  • SAFEGE is currently rolling out an agreement on the quality of working life, which addresses the psychological and social aspects of this issue, among others.