SAFEGE's Research, Innovation and Sustainable Development Department (DRIDD), a multi-disciplinary team of environmental engineers, urban planners and economists was set up in 2009 to provide cross-cutting expertise on innovative solutions for sustainable cities and regions. Working with our sector experts and engineers from across the company, as well as our partners in the social sciences sector, its mission is to:

  • spearhead a process of cutting-edge applied research as a source of innovation for SAFEGE and the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Group,
  • explore the challenges of the future and develop the skills needed to rise to those challenges,
  • provide advice to our clients on their projects, including the sustainable development aspects, and manage the pre-project and strategic planning phases / more

As part of a programme of work in four key areas, the DRIDD develops new tools and methodologies and devises concrete solutions to sustainability challenges:



Innovation within the Group

As a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, SAFEGE draws inspiration from the Group's research centre to come up with new ideas as part of a policy of open and collaborative innovation.

Contact details for SAFEGE's Research, Innovation and Sustainable Development Department (DRIDD):

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