Page_SolMonitoringEnvbSAFEGE develops innovative, operational solutions to meet the sustainability challenges faced by our public and private-sector clients.

Some of the tools borne out of our research and innovation work:

  • CityBiose® – Tool to measure and visualise the environmental performance of key local services  (water, sewerage, waste, energy systems in public buildings, street lighting and public transport).
  • Perform-EE® – Tool to assess the environmental performance of an industrial facility in Water, Waste and Energy, and the facility's overall environmental footprint.
  • Qualicôte® – Bathing water quality forecasting and management system.
  • Prévil’Eau® – Tool to predict in-sewer processes and overflows based on rainfall depth (project undertaken in partnership with the French national meteorological service, Météo-France).
  • Mésange® – Innovative method for assessing ecosystem services and biodiversity.
  • Vivacity® - Sustainability assessment tool for urban development schemes.
  • Ecores – Innovative approach to reducing the environmental impact of construction sites.
  • RéGES – Method for identifying the role of energy systems in achieving low-carbon cities and regions.
  • Support to cities in their strategies for adapting and developing resilience to climate change.

SAFEGE is a partner in the development of Cit’Ease tm, the first comprehensive, interactive dashboard for local authorities

This bespoke, interactive platform pools data provided by local authorities and residents to give decision makers and stakeholders a holistic view of their city. This centralized information provides the basis for real-time urban management and facilitates the sharing of information between stakeholders.

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