AudeB_site2014Aude: “Since September 2012, I am working as Industrial Designer within a project management team. My job is split between design and construction follow-up. It allows me to alternate between time on the field and at the office.
This diversity suits me, as well as the possibility to evolve in different sectors through the variety of our subjects: piping, water treatment plants, urban environment, etc. But what I appreciate the most is the opportunity given to me to follow a project from A to Z, from the design phase to the construction, particularly for treatment plants.”





ect_site2014Emmanuel: “When I joined SAFEGE twenty or so years ago, I started in Marne-la-Vallée, on roadways and utility networks for Disneyland Paris and on the landscaping of the park: it was already a kind of expatriate experience! Next I went off to Argentina to work on the Buenos Aires water concession engineering project, for a population of 10 million inhabitants. You only see projects like that abroad!
4 years later, I was off to Djakarta with full responsibility for a team of over 100 people. The context, work and culture of the country were quite different. International jobs are always something of an adventure. At the moment, I am heading up a major technical assistance project for the Algerian Water Resources Ministry to help it better organise its capacity to manage water resources, drinking water distribution and sanitation throughout the country.  I have institutional, operational and organisational responsibilities.

You need to be enthusiastic else there is no point in an expatriate assignment. And the benefits are extraordinary. The job is always different and varied. Each time, you make a fresh start, it’s very rewarding. And I have been fortunate enough to take part in all SAFEGE’s major projects.”




cl_site2014Christelle: “Giving a professional result and closely satisfying customer requirements is not something you can  invent, it’s something you learn through practical experience. Young graduates need to learn how to become professionals when they join SAFEGE and acquire concrete knowledge.
I had to learn how to manage the contractual side of the job, customer relations management or financial aspects for example. I learned how to work by working! I have never been let alone, I always got answers to my questions and my managers’ availability helped me a lot.”




bl_site2014bBertrand: “I wasn’t surprised when they entrusted me with an assignment early on because we talked about this at the job interview. It is motivating and develops your responsibility. As such, you throw yourself into it and take your job to heart. In a short space of time, I was able to see the different aspects of a project and a variety of technical approaches. From a purely technical modelling standpoint, I was supervised by someone with experience. Its reassuring when you see the issues at stake for a study.

What I also very much liked was the SAFEGE quality policy which gives a little something extra compared with competitors. It makes us strive for technical excellence.”»