Every year, SAFEGE proposes opportunities within its foreign subsidiaries under the Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) scheme:

  • technical projects in the field of water and the environment,
  • financial control assignments, etc.

These assignments last for 12 to 24 months and enable volunteers to gain initial experience abroad, together with a thorough knowledge of SAFEGE activities and organisation.

Maël testimonial:

"In the International Departments, SAFEGE Brussels manages projects financed by major fund contributors such as the European Union or World Bank. Working for two years as Volunteer for International Experience in the SAFEGE Brussels team gave me a real opportunity to understand how fund contributors work and their operating methods, from the invitation to tender stage to completion of these major structuring projects for beneficiary countries.

In addition, due to the cross-departmental nature of my job, I was able to work with a number of departments at SAFEGE: Human Resources, Operations, Quality, IT and Legal Departments for assignments that called for systemic understanding of corporate organisation.

After these two years with an administrative management and support function bias, I wanted to improve my technical skills and SAFEGE offered me the opportunity of joining a project team in Albania for the design of a water treatment plant and the waste water network and preparing the tender package for this work."