SAFEGE has worked in the field of institutional development since its founding in 1947, the aim being to foster an environment which is conducive to the sustainability of the infrastructure programmes it is involved in. SAFEGE has drawn on its long experience of the public sector to develop a specialist capability covering all aspects of institutional support, whether strategic or financial, managerial or cross-cutting.

Our institutional capability is coordinated from SAFEGE's Brussels office. Our activities, which are mainly implemented under EU-funded programmes, can be divided into four broad groups:

  • Public policy development: SAFEGE assists governments in formulating public policy that reflects their objectives, the country’s comparative advantages and the lessons learned from our experience in the international arena, the aim being to develop clear and consistent policy objectives for the country and sectors concerned.

Some of our projects:

- Assessment of European Investment Bank financing policies in the ACP countries

- Reporting on EU development financing.

  • Public financial management: SAFEGE helps implement financial management systems that ensure the fair and efficient collection of revenue and the transparent and efficient allocation of spending. The objective: to achieve public policy objectives like economic growth, poverty mitigation and aid mobilisation.

Some of our projects: 

- Support for the development of Public Internal Financial Control in Serbia

- Support in the implementation of results-oriented public finance management in Côte d’Ivoire

  • Institutional strengthening : SAFEGE brings its expertise to public institutions to help them build capacity and to optimise their organisational structures at the local, regional and national levels.

Some of our projects: 

- Strengthening the capacities of Lebanon's Court of Audit

- Organisation of twinning between Egyptian and EU institutions.

  • Promotion of civic and community values: SAFEGE is involved in programmes that protect human rights and the rights of the disadvantaged, that combat poverty and violence and that ensure equal, fair and universal access to essential goods and services like food security, education, medical care, justice, police and community cohesion initiatives.

Some of our projects: 

- Communication component of the programme to advance the status of women's and children's right in Ukraine

- Assessment of the effectiveness of the EU Food Security Facility.



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