OffreEntreprises1bManaging water and wastewater, optimising projects, managing facilities and utility networks and planning resource flows – these are some of the major challenges facing businesses. To cater for the needs and specific purposes for which the facilities are used, SAFEGE can provide the full range of skills required for the successful delivery of facilities engineering projects and combine them in an integrated manner in accordance with the needs of the project.

  • Designing site infrastructure    
  • Ensuring that access roads are compatible with the needs of the site
  • Facilitating accessibility
  • Planning traffic circulation routes, and parking and storage facilities
  • Modelling and adapting heating systems
  • Remediating contaminated sites
  • Making provision for water and wastewater flows
  • Site remediation and regeneration (deconstruction, remediation, asbestos removal)
  • Integration of projects into their surroundings

Some of our projects