As its international business has grown, SAFEGE has acquired a deep understanding of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) that finance and supervise technical assistance to low-to medium income countries under their development assistance programmes. The European Union in particular has financed most of SAFEGE's operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and in the Caribbean and Asia. Over the past 20 years this form of collaboration has extended to the World Bank, the other IFIs (EIB, EBRD, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, AfDB and CEB) and several French and European bilateral donors. Our sphere of action has also expanded to embrace not only engineering in the water, environment, transport and energy sectors, but also cross-cutting issues like public financial management, social equity and the governance of states.

SAFEGE is also a regular contributor under the European Commission Framework Programme which provides EC external aid beneficiaries with fast-track access to technical expertise. Since 2000, SAFEGE has worked on at least three lots of the EU "Beneficiaries" Framework Contract and on two of them as lead consortium partner. Each year, we complete close on a hundred expert assignments around the world in fields ranging from transport, infrastructure, the environment and climate change to governance and public financial management. And since 2011, SAFEGE and partners COWI have been consultants under the "Commission" Framework Contract whose purpose is to provide technical assistance to the European Commission itself in all sectors in which the Commission provides external aid.

This long experience means that SAFEGE is often consulted by the EU and other IFIs on the subject of development aid itself, as well as aid effectiveness, policies and tools (e.g. grant and loan blending). 


 Some of our projects

  • Preparation of EU accountability reports on Financing for Development
  • Advice to the European Commission on the use of DBO contracts for EC-funded infrastructure projects
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the EU Food Security Facility
  • Assessment of European Investment Bank financing policies for SMEs in ACP countries
  • Analysis of emerging-donor cooperation policies in Africa
  • Verification of UN agency use of Member State funds