Illustration city: Strasbourg.SAFEGE's multidisciplinary teams combine technical capability, socio-economic expertise and an environmental approach to develop strategic planning documents for local needs.

  • Urban mobility plans
  • Local climate and energy action plans
  • Water supply, stormwater and wastewater master plans
  • River basin studies
  • Sustainable development strategies
  • Green and blue infrastructure
  • Environmentally conscious approach to urban planning

Some of our projects

  • Green and blue infrastructure development for the Greater Orléans area
  • Development of the Greater Dax urban mobility plan
  • Local climate and energy action plan for Communauté Urbaine de Nantes
  • Water and wastewater master plan for the Greater Chartres area
  • Climate change and resource depletion adaptation strategy for city of Paris
  • Environmentally conscious approach to the development of fluvial transport in the river port of Béthune
  • FASEP Burma: development support for the city of Mandalay in the fields of water, waste, transport and energy