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illust_asie.jpgSAFEGE has worked in most Asian countries over the past twenty years on projects financed either by multilateral funding institutions (World Bank, Asian Development Bank), bilateral agencies (France, Japan, etc.) or the private sector.


In Cambodia, SAFEGE has worked with the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority since 1991 to improve the population's supply of drinking water: detection and repair of leaks, renovation/expansion of four treatment plants, rebuilding of systems, creation of a customer database and implementation of a computerised billing system.


In Central Asia, SAFEGE is one of the region's European leaders in the fields of transport and logistics: SAFEGE is taking part in an important programme under the TRACECA project (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus Asia), which aims to improve road, rail, air and sea transport and thereby facilitate the movement of goods towards European markets.


In India in 2010, SAFEGE entered into an agreement with Mahindra, a leading Indian industrial company, to take an equal stake in Mahindra Consulting Engineers Limited (MACE). Present throughout the Indian subcontinent, MACE has substantial expertise in the fields of water, the environment, waste management, energy and transport infrastructure. This strategic partnership has enabled SAFEGE to position itself effectively in this booming market as well as in the Middle East and Central Asia. MACE will also benefit from SAFEGE's expertise under a policy to share know-how.


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