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illust_europe.jpgToday, SAFEGE ranks among the leaders in its field in Central and Eastern Europe and is the dominant player in Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, etc.). Also active in southern Europe (including Turkey), SAFEGE has extended its sphere of operation to the Caucasus and Central Asia as far as the Chinese border.


With more than 250 engineers, experts and support staff, the Europe Division maintains a network of permanent local offices through its subsidiaries in Latvia, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, its branches in Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan and representatives in Bulgaria, Moldavia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia and Kyrgyzstan. Operations in Europe are managed in Brussels by the Europe Division, which also handles all EU-funded projects.


Over the past seven years, SAFEGE has undertaken more than 350 assignments under the European Framework Agreement in every eligible country. With organic growth of around 20% per year, SAFEGE activities in Europe have grown three-fold over the past five years and today account for around half of the company's international turnover.


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